Regras e Termos de Uso


1) Players have no legal claim to a game account.
2) Players must accept the instructions given by the game administrator or forum moderators.
3) All bugs (defects resulting from the game schedule) must be reported to the Lamentation team immediately. The use of a known bug will subject the player involved to the ban and all accounts involved in the use of the bug.
4) Multiple accounts (have more than 1 account per server) and any other form of cheating is prohibited and any players in the game involved in violations of these rules are subject to immediate banishment. Farming (which involves attacking the multi-accounts or account (s) of other players who prepare them for later attacking with your prior knowledge) will result in banning and deleting the account WITHOUT any prior notice.
5) The use of scripts, bots and other similar programs to automate actions in the game will result in the banning of the player in question. Scripts / Bots include programs that perform automatic in-game actions of any kind or with manual player control. Such actions include reading data directly from the Game Server or the pages that make up the game.
6) Player accounts that insult other players or members of the mourning team can be banned or blocked without any warning.
7) Players are not allowed to auction parts of the game as accounts or clans, the accounts involved will be banned.
8) Accounts of players who log in to accounts of other players without authorization or have stolen player accounts will be banned.
9) Accounts containing offensive, pornographic, illegal or politically extremist nicknames will be banned.
10) The accounts of players who send offensive, pornographic, illegal or politically extremist messages in the game, in the forum or that contain such content in the profile (either by text or images) will be banned.
11) Spamming or deliberately irritating or provoking other players through the game or private message in the forum is prohibited. The player will be advised if we receive complaints from other players and the accounts of players who repeatedly offend will be blocked or banned! Repeated attacks are not a form of harassment / harassment!
12) The distribution of any tools / bots / certificates intended to handle Mourning is prohibited and will result in the deletion of the game clients involved.

Termos de Uso

1. Preliminary notes
1.1. The following provisions refer to the online game and its derivatives. By using any services provided by, the User declares that he has read and accepted the Terms of Service. Registration on is not possible if the User has not expressly agreed to adhere to the Terms of Service.
1.2. These provisions regulate the use of the services provided by and are intended to ensure the highest level of quality and avoid abuse. These provisions are the basis for the sale and supply of goods and services through the online game
1.3. The game is available to Users worldwide and may in some cases have specific versions in your language.
1.4. If the use of certain services (ex forum requires registration (username and password), registration for these services establishes a contract between the User and This agreement does not expire and may be denied by the User at any time. It is expressly prohibited the use of these services by a third party or by a third party or multiple registrations by any individual.

2. Services and Content of (hereinafter referred to as "services")
2.1. is an online multiplayer RPG game.
2.2. By registering at, the User has the right to access on any server for which he has registered.
2.3. provides a set of links that lead to sales platforms on the Internet of other companies. If Users of choose to use or purchase goods and / or services from any of these third parties, the Conditions of Sale of the parties involved apply. only provides access to the sales platform of these third parties and is not involved in any sales.

3. Obligations of Users
3.1. The Users are bound to use legally.
3.2. The User guarantees that all the information provided in the registration process is correct and updated. will be informed immediately of any changes related to this information, made after registration. If the User does not do so, he / she is totally responsible for the resulting damages or disadvantages.
3.3. The User guarantees that the user name and password have been carefully chosen and have not been disclosed to third parties. If the User does not comply with this obligation, whether consciously or negligently, he / she is responsible for any and all damages resulting from the abuse of the password by third parties.
3.4. The User agrees to refrain from divulging or making available any illegal or copyrighted material in any place of the Game (forum, chat, in-game description). Distribution or publication of racist or extremist material, child pornography or any material that could endanger the well-being or health of children is expressly prohibited. Administration reserves the right to remove forum content, character descriptions and clans if the material is illegal, obscene, extremist, in bad taste or that disrupts the normal course of communication in the medium involved.
3.5. If perceives or is informed by third parties of illegal activities by User (s), will provide the competent authorities with any and all personal information about the User (s) required by law. will cooperate with any inquiry regarding the legality of the transfer of information about the User.
3.6. The User agrees to transfer the rights to any material posted or copied to the website (forum, descriptions, chat, etc.) to and thus ensures that he / she holds individual ownership of all material posted. The User agrees to indemnify from any and all claims for damages arising from non-compliance by the User that results in copyright or property rights violations. reserves the right to modify or remove any content posted by Users without mentioning the reason for removal.
3.7. The User indemnifies from any and all claims for damages against arising from actions of the User or any third party acting on the User's behalf.

4. Responsibility
4.1. can not guarantee the availability or operation of 100% of the services provided. is not responsible for any damages arising from the unavailability of the services, whatever the legal basis of the request for compensation.
4.2. only accepts responsibility for the posting or publication of illegal or copyrighted material, in-game, in the forum or in the chat, if was aware or informed about the material and did not take any action To avoid its dissemination, when it is technically and financially possible to avoid the continued use of the material.
4.3. does not assume responsibility for the accuracy, legality, completeness or recoverability of any offers made by third parties. In addition, does not assume responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of any content that has been posted on the website by third parties.
4.4. is not responsible for third party content for which acts only as a driver. However, may be legally responsible for blocking the dissemination of illegal or copyrighted material when the distribution of the material is in violation of applicable laws.

5. Data protection
5.1. The User accepts that all the information that you enter in the pages of can be registered and processed, if these actions are necessary to maintain the Terms of Service.
5.2. treats all User data confidentially and with the authorization of the User. Any use of the User's personal data beyond what is described herein will only take place after express authorization by the User.
5.3. Registered data will be archived only as long as it is required under the Terms of Service, and the filing time period corresponds to any applicable laws.
5.4. The User was then fully informed of the nature, extent, location and purpose of collecting, using and processing the personal data required to perform the Services. The User agrees to and fully accepts the collection and processing of this data.

6. Regulation for the Activity of the Game
6.1. All content and services offered by fall under the rules of the game (see above), which the User has agreed to comply with.

7. Final Clause
7.1. The content and Services offered by are protected under copyright law. You may download and print this content on your personal computer. The User is not authorized to copy, sell, publish or distribute the content found on
7.2. reserves the right to change or supplement the Terms of Service. You agree to regularly review the Game Rules and Terms of Service to detect any changes. By using the Services provided, the User automatically agrees to comply with the applicable Rules of the Game Rules and Terms of Service.
7.3. The Terms of Service and the relationship between you and shall be governed by the laws of Brazil.
7.4. All parties involved agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Brazil.
7.5. Any dispute arising out of the use of the Services provided by or related to the Terms of Service are resolved exclusively by the courts of Brazil.
7.6. If any condition set forth in the Terms of Service is or becomes invalid, all other conditions remain fully applicable.